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Valentine's Day

Soooo ... I know its been a long time since my last blog. But today, seems a perfect day to do so .... Valentine's Day!


This is a day we share with the people whom we love and shower them with candy, flowers, roses, etc. But ... today, I challenge you to LOVE YOURSELF! I have found that you can not fully give love to others, in fact, you are not capable of loving others if you don't love yourself. Yes, we may not have crossed every "T" nor dotted every "I" but we are still here; meaning, there is time to redo somethings in our life. Remember, you are FEARFULLY & WONDERFULLY MADE! So, let's turn the page and start loving ourselves! It is never too late!

Happy Valentine's Day to ALL of you! If no one else have told you today, you are loved and appreciated!